Saturday, October 27, 2007

Number Nine

This year was Isaac's second year playing soccer. He did a great job working with his team and following the ball. He even got in several great plays. He is so cute. At the end of each quarter he comes off of the field to get a drink and dump water on his sweaty head. He does it like a real athlete. His team is the Sharks and he is #9.
We captured a classic moment when Theron was really into the game. It is such a hillarious time watching games for kids this age. At any given moment picture this:
  • at least on player on the field is crying
  • one of the fullbacks is picking a dandelion to put inside of the grass nest he just made
  • the goalie is sqautted down with his back to the rest of the players
  • the happy kids has just waved to his mom for the third time
  • two blue Sharks are trying to take the ball away from each other
  • and Isaac is randomly kicking his leg into the huddle of players that could all tip over at the slightest push.
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