Saturday, October 27, 2007

Honda Plant Tour

Our neighbor Kevin works for Honda. Today we got to go with him and his wife, Jennifer, and their two girls, Gabrielle and Julianna to tour one of the Honda plants here in Ohio. The plant is HUGE!! This is an understatement but there is not much to say to explain how big this place is. It was amazing to see how many, many parts there are to a car and how complicated a car really is. One of the neat things we saw there was the welding department. This is where they have lots of very large robots that seem to "attack" the car all at the same time to weld something here or there. It was amazing. I am allowed to say that twice in the same post because it really was.
We were not allowed to take cameras in but one of the workers took this Polaroid of the boys inside. Gabbi and Julianna were "too cool" to sit next to the dog (what a crack up!!) We'll catch their smiling faces another time. We had a great time at the Honda plant!

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Anonymous said...

Cute picture!! We had a really great time hanging out with you guys and we look forward to many more. The Helsers