Sunday, October 28, 2012

One Decade down

At ten years old Isaac is good at sleeping and when he sleeps...he sleeps hard.  This photo is proof.  I should mention that Travis had a church meeting so we woke Isaac up just after 6am for his breakfast in bed.  What a way to start off a birthday.

FINALLY!!  Isaac got a bike for his birthday.  This came as a huge relief to him.  He has been reminding us since June that Theron's bike is bigger and better than his.  He claims his friends like to point it out and it's just "WRONG".

Isaac keeps reminding us that the number of candles that you miss on your first blow if the number of kids you will have later.  I thought I would give him a real challenge by spreading his candles out as far as possible.  He was a good sport and I will be getting at least six grandkids someday!  Isaac got to have his friend Brandon and his family over for dinner on his birthday.  He thought that having a birthday on a Sunday was a bit of a downer.  Having a friend over to share the grub lessened the pain.

At ten Isaac has a sharp brain, great whit, and is endearingly disciplined.  He comes up with cracks that make us laugh,  He still likes to call things he thinks are not cool "hippie" and rename things by combining descriptive words together.  My personal favorite might always be "Chinja" (Charlie dressed as a ninja).  I love this boy!  Happy Birthday Isaac! 

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Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!