Monday, October 8, 2012

Birthday Boy Burke

True to tradition Burke started out his birthday with breakfast in bed.
 We went to lunch at Masala.  It's a new Indian Restaurant in our town.  That made Burke's year!  He got a bike for his birthday so he spent a lot of the day on his new wheels with the brothers all riding around him.  He took an extra long time thinking about his wish before finally blowing out the candles.  He missed one and Isaac informed him that that's how many kids he's going to have.  I you add up each missed candle every time you blow out the candles because I'm not sure I'm up for that many kiddos.

I have been having extra fun with this sweet four year old ever since school started.  Charlie is in kindergarten now so I am at home with Burke and Blake.  Blake still takes the awesome 9am nap so when the brothers scoot off to school it gets pretty quite around here.  I look forward to Burke's quiet voice asking me each and EVERY morning, "Mom, would you play a bowad game with me?"  That's board game, in case you were wondering.  I think we have cycled through nearly all of the games in our closets.  Even the ones that are not made for boys his age.  As long as we don't play Candy Land too frequently I will keep loving every minute of game time with sweet Burke.  Happy Birthday to the boy!

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I am Laura said...

So I remember years and years ago you told me and Ben how awesome Indian food was. So we went out and tried it and I hated it. Fast forward 6 or so years and Ben got on this Indian food kick. He kept making us try it and he kept making it. Well, after a few more tries and I am hooked. We have Indian food at least once a week. I haven't perfected Naan yet so I have Ben pick it up at a restaurant to go with our meal. soo yummy.

And how crazy that you have only two babies at home with you right now. I love that he says bowad game. You are such a good mom. Grace asks in the cutest voice everyday, "can I have a show." And how can I resist?

Miss you. Thanks for calling me. I am doing better. Life has thrown us a bunch of curve balls lately, but I guess that is how you grow and learn and be better.