Thursday, April 26, 2012

Not invited

We do not do this to all uninvited individuals.  This poor snake was mistaken for a baby rattle snake by our neighbor boy, who was mowing our lawn.  I did some very expert research and have decided that he is a Bull snake.  We might have liked to have this guy around to eat some of our Ground Squirrels.  We would much prefer that over having those pests get stuck in our wall, die, and smell really really really horrible for two weeks.  Do I act as if I have experience?  Unfortunately, yes.  We are just getting over it.  I thought about blogging about that horrible experience but what would I take a photo of?  The walls which trapped the pesky animal to death.  Not too exciting and the smell really cannot be appreciated through a blog post.  Maybe this unfortunate snake has a brother wandering around our yard.  I sure hope he's hungry because there is a lot of eating to do around here. 
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Judy said...

This is a strange looking snake. Upon closer observation, he's apparently been chopped in two.