Monday, April 16, 2012

Burke on parenting

Tonight our scripture reading was less than celestial. It was the kind David Bednar talks about having when his boys were young where one boys is complaining about the other breathing his air. There was way too much noise, moving around and pestering and far too little listening. It ended in us yelling at the boys and then sending them to bed barely able to help them say their prayers. Then a few minutes after leaving them behind in their room, Burke, in typical three year old fashion, yelled out that he needed to go to the bathroom. Rolling our eyes we granted permission and boy it was a good thing because he really gave us some pretty good parenting advice..."If you guys were better parents you wouldn't yell." Good thing we have him around or things would really be in bad shape around here.

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Brandice B. said...

What a cute boy! He's a smarty pants like his older brothers!