Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Family Time

Now that we are 10 hours away from the closest family rather than 15 or 39, we expect to have more visits from the ones we love. The pressure is on!
It is hard to really appreciate this photo. It was taken in the dark at the end of a really great game of sardines. Our boys beg for a good game of sardines frequently but we have discovered something interesting since we have been in this new house...we've got a bunch of Scaredy-cats! It was good to have a bunch of adults so all the boys could have a partner ( I just had to suck it up and stop being scared). Theron hid behind this plant and strangely this was one of the most difficult finds. The other thing that we have discovered playing in this house is when the lights are all out...it is really really DARK!

Papa couldn't resist buying the pink camouflage fleece outfit for Blakelyn. We all know she has got to keep up with the brothers. She still need to grow into it a little.

Blake with Grandma Judy. Blake is our first blond baby. If she looks like her daddy, then she'll look like her grandma. This could be a foreshadowing of what she will look like when she is in her prime.
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