Monday, November 2, 2009


Yesterday it was noodles. Today it was dried apples.

He has moved beyond emptying my entire dresser every morning while I am in the shower. He mastered the heaviest drawer in the house today.

This afternoon Burke hauled this stool around the house to where ever he wanted to explore but couldn't. He settled on this drawer full of everything that doesn't have a place. I was ecstatic to have caught him when I did. A few minutes later I would have been picking up pencil shavings, pennies, notebooks, and half eaten glue sticks from off of the floor. (Note the garbage can on top of the counter.)

I moved the stool far away but came back in the kitchen to find Charlie on the counter (in his underwear) getting into the Halloween candy. His sidekick Burke with a glass in his hand only inches away from a very sharp butcher's knife. (Note to those taking photos of small children: Never take a photo of a baby with a glass in hand using your flash. Startled baby...dropped glass.)


Jen said...

I can't believe how much he has grown- he's such a big boy! Hope you are doing well!

Tristen said...

Oh, Britt. I am SO feeling your pain. I've got an explorer taking all of the food out of my fridge as I type. And I don't stop him because I know it could be so much worse at the moment if he's not doing that. It's been a long week. Ken and I have to give each other pep talks and we're both always muttering, "He's going to grow out of this stage... he's going to grow out of this stage". Over and over and over again.

Burke is absolutely adorable and maybe extra creative like his uncle Quinn! I always think it's better for a kid to be more exploratory than not, much to the pain of a mother. Sorry about the glass, again, I'm feeling for you. :)

Tiffany said...

Not fun. Clayton hasn't quite hit that stage yet, but he probably will as soon as he starts walking. It's easier to keep tabs on him when he just crawls, and doesn't walk or climb. Sorry about the glass. If it helps, I break plenty on my own, and don't need a toddler to help me.

Mike and Jen said...

Okay I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!! Seriously that kid is hilarious and yes the flash was probably a bad idea that you only notice in hindsight!

Dave and Julie said...

Oh man! Z and Burke could really create havoc if left alone together!