Thursday, November 5, 2009

Love and Logic Success or Backfire?

Charlie: "Mom choose a car."
Me: "Charlie, I'm vacuuming right now."
C: "Mom, choose a car."
M: "I can't right now."
"Choose a car mom!"
M: "Charlie, I don't want to."
C: "Mom, choose a car. Which one?
Do you want this car or this car? Either one is fine with me."


Marianne said...

That's funny. I love Fall in Ohio- looks like you guys are staying busy with everything...Ben does the same stuff as Burke- multiple times I come into the kitchen to find cereal dumped everywhere, or like the other day as I was loading the dishwasher, before I could intervene, Ben had picked up a sharp paring knife and licked it. Awesome. It's a fun but exhausting age.

Judy said...

I hear the words in your voice. Hummm?

Mike and Jen said...

So how come you didn't just choose a car?