Sunday, February 15, 2009

The XF7

For Christmas Isaac and Theron each got a bin full of office supplies (tape, staples, staplers, rubber bands, paper, paperclips, rulers, note pads, etc.). We thought this would keep them entertained on a rainy afternoon and keep our supplies from disappearing so quickly.

While I was taking a nap and Travis was away the boys created the XF7 using a diaper box for the torso and a baby wipe box for the head. His arms are two rulers, his head is taped to his body, he has a cut rubber band for a mouth, and is decorated all over with paperclips and small pieces of cut paper. Theron was disappointed that his mouth seemed to frown no matter how much he taped it. To finish him off they taped their robot to a dump truck to make him mobile. How clever! I was most impressed that they created this whole thing without arguing or disturbing me by asking for help. He has been a part of the family now for about one week.
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