Saturday, November 8, 2008

Seven Year Sentence

While I was taking a shower, Travis was upstairs, and the older two boys were glued to the TV Charlie broke a glass candler holder and spread it nicely over the main floor of our house. Travis discovered the situation when Charlie came to him with blood all over his hands.
The next day I came downstairs to find my mirror had been broken by "You-know-who". Does that mean the bad luck is on his shoulders or mine?
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Aprilyn said...

I think it means it's time for some serious cabinet locks! :) Oh, that cute Charlie boy. He's keeping you busy!!

Brian Blumer said...

Yikes! Bloody-handed toddler! Maybe he was just playing Brutus in Julius Caesar...

The Shermans said...

Well I'm not sure what a "Candler Holder" is, must be something East Coast people use. :) haha

But I would definitely say that he is in for 7 years of bad luck. Unless you actually broke the mirror and using him as a scape goat? hmmmmm

Hopefully his cuts weren't too bad.