Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cutest Vampires on the Block

Isaac and Theron have been talking about being Vampires since last Halloween. I was resisting it until the other day when I over heard Travis say, "Only eight days until Halloween."
"WHAT?!?!" I thought. How could that be?!? I decided the time for resisting this idea was over as I could not think of an easier costume to make. Besides the boys have been collecting Vampire teeth for quite some time.
Thanks to a friend Charlie got to join in the Vampire fun too.
Travis got a quick out of reminding me that Isaac was going to be a Vampire while Theron was going to be "Bampire".

They tried to be as scary as possible but I thought they were pretty cute. My friend accused me of being obsessed with Stephanie Meyer. I haven't read the Twilight series but I wondered if there were more Vampires for Halloween because of it.
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Emily said...

Oooh, scary. I love the slicked back hair.

I am Laura said...

Totally cute, especially Charlie with his hair slicked back.

Mary said...

The pic of Travis and the boys is adorable!