Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Leaving Worcester

Before leaving Worcester we had one last fling with a bunch of our friends.
It was a memorable hot humid Massachusetts evening.
I recall being drenched.
The only way to survive a night like this is by eating ice cream...
...with good friends...
...at Meola's.
Watching Bridgette eat her ice cream (and lathering into her skin) made me excited for a little girl in our family.
A few of my friends and I finished the night by sending the hubbys home with the kids (and the sticky sweating mess) and chatting over Panera. Great memories in Worcester for our crew.
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Jason said...

Hey guys, hope you are getting settled in okay and enjoying your new home! Travis, please email me (I think the email address I have for you is outdated) so we can catch up. Have fun unpacking!