Thursday, July 21, 2011

Higgins Armory

We took the boys to the Higgins Armory right here in Worcester MA. It is is the sole museum in the Western Hemisphere devoted to arms and armor. It is a pretty neat place.
Travis helped the boys build a castle with an archway entrance. It was fun and educational because we got to teach them what a keystone is and why it is the most important piece in the arch.
They tried on real helmets, gloves, and mail. The mail was so heavy!

The helmets were a little big.

So were the chess pieces. Theron and I tried to play a game of chess but random kids kept running across our board and moving our pieces. It was fun for a few minutes.

Being around all these weapons and armor really got our adrenaline going. We simply couldn't resist showing off our muscles (and belly) for the camera.
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ellen said...

I saw Judianne the other night and heard about #5! Congrats!!

Jaime Leigh said...

I love that last picture with you and your boys!!! My heart instantly connects with blogs written my mothers of boys!!! I have three so far ;)