Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For All 'da Babies

How to Entertain Yourself While Mommy is Making Dinner 101:
First, find a handy pack applesauce carelessly placed on the low shelf by your busy mommy. Make sure it is the type with the wimpy foil lid. Most likely it is. Place your sharp new top teeth on top of the foil and bite down--HARD.Once you have punctured the top tip 'er up and go to town. If one container is not enough to satisfy your appetite, help yourself to another.

Once you have eaten all you want, take care to turn the container upside down and smear over freshly mopped floor. Do not overlook the other items you have previously pulled out of the cupboards while your mommy slaves away. They'll need a good smear as well.


The Kalcichs said...

I'll be sure to show this tutorial to Rock. He definitely needs some help in the naughty department. What a cutie!

Willy Happy Mama said...

O my! What a fun narrative though. He is getting so big since I saw him last, no wonder he's so hungry. Lol!