Friday, April 3, 2009

One Fine Day

Our computer is on the fritz. We've used up our memory and Travis is trying to fix the problem in five minute increments between his sixteen call shifts this month, thus the lack of posts over the last few weeks.

I made two double batches of muffins incorrectly today. The first time I made them, and after putting them into the oven, I realized that half of the buttermilk I measured out was still sitting on the counter. I was making them for Isaac's Easter party so I started on the second batch hoping to have a better outcome. This time I put the right amount of everything in but, once again after putting them into the oven I realized that I put white flour into my whole wheat muffins. Sadly, at this point it occurred to me that I had also made the same mistake on the first batch. I took the second batch to the school as it was. How picky could kindergartners be?

My house is a mess.

I just cooked some BBQ chicken wings for my boys. They were perfect, and then I cooked them and cooked them and cooked them. It might be fun to post a photo of them. Then again, considering the computer situation and the fact that the chicken wings matched the black pan I cooked them on, I think we can all just imagine BLACK and get the idea just the same.

Burke got shots today.

Charlie is two years old.

Today Theron was hit in the eye with the doorknob when Charlie slammed it in his face. I (accidentally) nailed him in the head with the bottom of Burke's car seat while getting out of the van at the doctor's office in the pouring rain and he just stubbed his toe on the computer room door.

Isaac is fine but when I am done with this post and I go out to the TV room the remind him that they are supposed to be putting away their toys rather than playing with them he is going to remind me (once again) that "it [life] is not fair".

My friend Britt says that when I have a bad experience I should talk to six people about it and then I will feel better. I wonder if there are six bloggers out there who can help me laugh this day off?

While I wait for a response I guess I'll go into the kitchen and scrape charcoal off the outside of the chicken wings. Mmm.


Emily said...

Six people? That's all? I feel like now I know the secret of happiness.

I was just thinking about you the other day, pregnant with Burke and making us that lovely chicken marsala and rolo cookies.

Hmmm... a way to laugh it off. I got nuthin. I'll ask Brian, he's always better at that stuff.

Shannon said...

read this post in a few weeks, you'll be laughing.

silly britt

ellen said...

I'm listener #3 and I hope you are laughing soon!

Tristen said...

No wonder why blogging is so cathartic! After six people read than things are better, I had no idea! I'm glad to be one of your six... and hey-- now that you've gotten this rotten day behind you, you shouldn't be due for another one for at least a week!

Ashli Welsh said...

I love the part about picking up toys not being fair. Nathan routinely tells me that picking up toys is SO BORING and that he doesn't like to do it. If only they knew how good they have it! Hope tomorrow is better for you!

Tiffany said...

I'm happy to be your sixth listening ear. I hate when days like that happen, but the nice thing is that they end. Tomorrow is a new day, and I'm sure it'll be a ton better.

Mary said...

Ahhh, I had a similar day a few weeks ago. I burned Asparagas to the pan. After trying to clean it for days James walked up with a Lava soap bar and water. It was clean in about a minute. Try Lava for burned pans!!

Jen said...

I hate days like that! I seem to have them too often! Hopefully today is a better day for you- at least the sun is shining! :)

april said...

Days like that our tough, especially with the 16 calls in a month. I had to remake Jason's b-day cake - baking powder instead of baking soda. Couldn't even fake it as it was just hot goo. May your computer get better, you see your husband and all your muffins be yummy :)

I am Laura said...

I love you!