Thursday, March 12, 2009

What Are They Teaching... kid on the BUS!!

Dinner conversation a few nights ago:
Isaac: "Mom, I know what the "A" word is."
Me: "Well, don't tell me because I don't and I don't want to."
Isaac: (Letting out a stressed sigh...)"Yeah, I know lots of bad words."

The truth--I actually do wonder what it is. Apparently, I am quite far behind because according to Isaac the "J" word is the WORST and, honestly, I can't think of a single bad "J" word. This one must be a doozy.
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the4bulls said...

Maybe it is Jack "a-word"???

the4bulls said...

or jerk? or more than jerk? I know lots of bad words too. I live on the West siyde.

Emily said...

So far the only "bad" word Natalie's brought home is 'stinkbomb'. And she only uses it when absolutely necessary.

I hope Isaac can handle the pressure of knowing so many words he's not allowed to say. (Especially ones his mom doesn't even know.)

Ashli Welsh said...

That's one thing I don't look forward to in school...right now only 'stupid,' 'hate,' and 'God' (out of context) are on our banned list. Here's hoping that's as bad as it gets!

Shannon said...

I bet these are names of his lil crushes...

A: Abby
J: Jill

they're bad...cooties. duh.

tee hee hee

Tegan said...

LOL! Loving Shannon's conclusion :D

april said...

Oh boy - all the goods and bads of school!

McBrides said...

That's so funny! The "J" word! Isaac's got us wondering on that one too!