Friday, December 19, 2008

Do You Believe?

Last week Theron and I had the following conversation:
T: "Mom, what do you want for Christmas?"
M: "Hmm...I just want to watch you boys open your presents."
T: "I think you should get a robot."
M: "Oh, really. Why?"
T: "Because a robot would help you with your chores."
(Wheels in the head spinning; lights go on; BING!!)
"I want a robot for Christmas!"
Immediately afterward he wrote an elaborate letter to Santa Claus. It said, "ROBOT SANTA". I helped him send it in the mail to the North Pole.
Last night Travis went out to get the mail. We found this letter in the box.
No kidding! My heart nearly skipped a beat. It was pretty exciting. Even for a 28 year old. Who knew that Santa would have time to write back to Theron?! I showed him the letter this morning.

He was pretty cute. He just kept acting as if he was trying to figure everything out.
If this doesn't help a boy to believe nothing else would.


Aprilyn said...

Your pictures aren't showing up. I'll check your blog later today and see if they show up. It's happened before. I love the video of Theron. He's so cute. Marshall got a letter back from Santa today too. I'll read it to him as soon as he gets home and I think I'm inspired by you. I'll video tape him while I read it to him.

Ashley said...

Britt, I found your blog! Loving it!

And what a cute idea that Santa sent Theron a letter in the mail - he is so full of life I love it. Too bad you can't special order your kids personalities because I'd pick one just like Theron...he's so cute! I love how he kept looking your way like "Can you believe it mom?" SO fun! Somehow the excitement of Christmas with just Logan and I doesn't quite cut it, kids add such magic to it.

davijuls said...

Alex was VERY interested in this video! First...that Theron was on his computer. Second that Theron had a true letter from Santa. Very cool! He even has a new zeal to make the nice list! :)

Mike and Jen said...

I'm with the tohers no pics for me i wish I could get the full effect