Saturday, December 8, 2007

A bit of Christmas Cheer

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Our boys LuV Christmas. They were beyond excited to get out the Christmas decorations. There were several gasps as they pulled everything out of the bins, sometimes indicating that they remembered something from last year and sometimes indicating that they had just discovered the most aMaZiNg thing ever. Ours is a collection that comes from many different people and places. Although, it's quite a hodgepodge each decoration holds some sort of memory of the person who gave it to us or the events surrounding the Christmas we collected it. I remember the starched angels on the mantel on top of angel hair, the Rudolph mugs, and the frosted glass nativity sheet my mom always displayed at Christmas time. It feels good to remember how exciting it was to celebrate Christmas and to see our boys' eyes light up at every house decorated with lights or Christmas tree in the corner.


Brian & Michelle said...

Hey TB! What kind of family pic do you want? How am I supposed to send it to you, or are you wanting me to post it on the blog? The ones we have a year old. Do you want me to e-mail the pics?

Ready, set.....GO! =)

LoGunns said...

I love old christmas decorations with memories behind them. This year I kept Abe home from Kinder and thought we would just decorate for Christmas and sing and snuggle and be merry. Well I ended up yelling at my kids and pulling glitter and tinsel and garlin from Hazels gagging throat about 50 times.